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We go beyond digital to bring content to life

By incorporating virtual reality into the training experience, Jenson8 is transforming corporate and professional development. Our immersive virtual reality applications go beyond sight and sound, enabling the participant to learn by doing.

  • Backed by machine learning, artificial intelligence, and validated psychometrics
  • Full library of Jenson8 applications that feature coaching, assessment, team building, leadership, and professional development
  • Customizable to leverage your own training content.
  • Available for delivery onsite or online. Anywhere. Anytime.
Backed by Science

The Problem

Corporate training is stagnant. Classroom-style delivery is overplayed and boring, leading to low engagement, poor retention and inconsistent teaching. It’s costly to scale and nearly impossible to quantify the value of the learning experience.

Jenson8’s virtual reality-based training is more exciting and engaging than any two-dimensional program. By uncovering participants’ true behaviors that aren’t noticeable in a classroom, we can accomplish what traditional coaching, training, assessment, and leadership development programs cannot—and we can rapidly redeploy the program nearly anywhere to ensure your full organization can benefit.

The Solution

Jenson8 combines behavioral psychology, validated instruments, and virtual reality to create an active, facilitator-led learning environment where participants learn by doing. Our platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to continuously increase its validity and utility. Through our VR-based tools, you can recruit the best candidates, train them well, and nurture them throughout their employment.

World-class graphics, immersive gameplay, and active participation take corporate training from tedious to exciting. With the physical VR headset, each participant can interact via voice and action controls, observe and provide feedback, communicate with other participants and vote.

Our platform is our own. Developed and tested in-house, it comes with ongoing tech support, real-time learning metrics, and the ability to stream and record training sessions.

Curated or Delivered

Whether participants are working from their own homes or in the same building, Jenson8’s cloud-based model allows you to train any number of employees from as many locations as you choose.


Jenson8 [Anywhere]

Sign up for a Jenson8 Anywhere session to have our full suite of VR technology tools delivered and installed by one of our certified hubs or rental partners. Anywhere. Simple, professional, complete.

Jenson8 Partners

Jenson8 Partners

If you are seeking an off-site, completely managed experience, take advantage of our network of global Jenson8 training partners around the world. Everything will be in place and set up before your team’s arrival.

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