Jenson8 Apollo uses virtual reality to challenge teams and individuals to meet their learning and development goals. Users must communicate, plan, organize, collaborate, and solve problems within this highly immersive environment. Subject matter experts facilitate sessions and assess participants’ performance. Between Apollo sessions, training principles are discussed in breakout sessions and incorporated into the ongoing strategy. This ultra-realistic experience creates a high-stakes environment that reveals participants’ true strengths and weaknesses by doing, not merely talking! We call this Dynamic Psychometrics.

How it Works

Measuring Behavior-in-action using dynamic psychometrics

The Jenson8 psychometric instruments are relevant to job performance and company culture. We identify, use, and measure constructs with a proven track record for predicting workplace performance.  Our philosophy holds that empirical, participant-based evidence should be the decision-driving factor in identifying the most relevant psychological constructs.

  • As part of Apollo’s onboarding process, all participants respond to a custom, validated, highly reliable set of questions. Their answers reveal the profile that will best predict the workplace behaviors important to the organization.
  • During the experience, a trained facilitator documents individual participant actions. These  are collected and summarized for use in the debrief sessions.
  • At the end of each Apollo experience,  VR participants take a 360-degree post-task evaluation where they exchange honest feedback with their peers. Non-VR participants and observers can participate through voting and blog feeds.
  • This data is compiled into the Apollo Client Feedback Report. Evaluations and 360-degree peer ratings detail specific feedback on participants’ performance. The report includes an extensive overview of onboarding psychometrics and the theory behind the Jenson8 approach. This comprehensive, easy-to-understand report becomes an essential reference for individuals and organizations as they continue their learning journey. 
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The Future: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Apollo captures machine data on participants’ movements, communication attempts, and other quantifiable reactions.  Artificial intelligence and other statistical tools further validate the Dynamic Psychometrics by incorporating this data with onboarding psychometric results, facilitator scores, and participant reviews. Results can generate improvements, such as reducing facilitator bias, creating automated experiences, and providing unique insights into human behavior. The University of North Carolina at Wilmingon' Psychology Department is leading this effort, using its onsite Jenson8 VR Leadership lab.

Cybersecurity and Privacy

Cybersecurity and Privacy

All Jenson8 products adhere to the most stringent international cybersecurity and privacy standards. No personal data is retained or used for any purpose other than participation in the experience itself and reporting for you or your organization.

Available for delivery onsite or online,

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