Jenson8 includes a series of diverse applications to address a wide array of training needs. Each can be paired with your own unique content.


Invoke true emotions and simulate time compression

Learn how your team deals in real-time with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Don't just see it: Be it!


Reveal true behaviors & microaggressions

Business ethics can be difficult to establish, given that each employee interprets "right" and "wrong" differently. J-D&I places your employees in scenarios designed to develop their ethical thinking and decision-making skills and strengthen your corporate culture.


Take your business coaching to a new level

Transform your own unique coaching philosophy into an immersive and engaging environment that powers your clients’ accelerated path to growth.


Manage employees intelligently

Developing consistent staff evaluation methods is tricky. J-RATE helps you uniformly assess employees in a way that guarantees engagement, suitability, and effectiveness while maximizing employee retention.


Go beyond digital to experiential

In traditional work settings, leadership skills can be difficult to identify. J-LEAD creates a psychologically and physically safe group environment that helps you evaluate, establish and expand team members’ leadership characteristics.


Each Jenson8 application also includes:

• Synchronization of each employee's VR assessment to a personal profile
• Validated pre-screening psychometrics based on pre-established training metrics
• Facilitator training manuals and scorecards designed to match each app's specific features
• Rating and scoring methodologies that confirm or reveal key behaviors
• Post-game 360 reviews
• Integration of all metrics and game performance into an easy-to-use report that provides performance and ratings details to management and the individual employee

Available for delivery onsite or online,

Jenson8 delivers real experiences virtually - anywhere at any time.